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Bahama Me (Cruise part 2)

A little more than one week ago I was on the Carnival Destiny–a cruise that turned out to be full of shenanigans and lots of bonding time with some of my best friends.

The cruise was great, but the actual cruising part was a little rough. So when we finally docked in the Bahamas on Thursday afternoon… we were SO excited :)

Even if it was a little rainy and cloudy, nothing could have stopped us from hitting the Bahamas. And by the time we made it to the beach, the sun had peeked itself out just long enough for us to take a dip in the pretty teal water.

The funny named beach we found first. Not too junky, but lots of people.

Alexis and Ryan...modeling :)

Getting our toes wet

After a good few hours on the beach on Thursday, half of us split off from the beach crew on Friday. First we took a tour of the Bahamas, Paradise Island and Atlantis.

our gang in Atlantis

It's called the Million Dollar chair. I am pretty sure it was plastic, though.

Atlantis and Paradise Island were neat to see. But then we got on a boat called the Blue Manta…

I'm on a boat

and went snorkeling!

We were the first ones in the water

Then came Ryan and Alexis

Kristie and Danny

We saw tons of fish…and I got snippets of videos of them. I’d post them, but each video is about 5 seconds long. I see a fish, squeal with excitement and then it cuts off. I need to get better with a video camera :)

So many little fish!

Ky got really close to this lion fish, which is actually super poisonous. It was the only thing our captain told us to stay away from!

This little guy looks like he has teeth

Oh hi

Snorkeling was amazing–Friday was definitely my favorite day of the trip!

When we got back on the boat we had our final dinner,

got our final towel animal,

It took me a very long time to figure out he is a seal :)

and then it was back to Miami and then a long airport wait and a short plane to Chapel Hill.

Even though the cruise was a little rocky at first, it was the best spring break I’ve ever had. What’s better than lots of food with lots of good friends on a big boat? :)

Ok, back to business…next week I’ll be posting about some new healthy eats and a 5K program I am joining!



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Rock the Boat, Baby (part uno)

My spring break was a crazy little cruisin’ adventure.

After leaving a few hours late because one of the ship’s generators was broken, the Carnival Destiny set sail…into some very rough waters.

One minute it’s sunny, the next it’s dark, cloudy and rainy. The waves were huge and I am so glad I brought Dramamine for sea sickness. I did get sick one night when the waters were really rough and all I could think about was Ursula.

The waters were so rough in fact, that the captain had to skip the first two islands we were supposed to go to. So I only saw Grand Turk and Half Moon Cay from a distance. The wind and rain made docking too dangerous, so instead Captain Giuseppe (what a great captain name!) took us to Nassau for an extra day. While we sailed for 4 days, the group did some major bonding.

We sun bathed (we were so happy when the sun decided to peak out from behind the rain clouds!)

we either slept or read a book outside. Of course, I was listening to the Hunger Games--I'm on the third book, MockingJay, now!

It's always fun to be on a boat with a hunk :)

watched the waves

such a pretty pic Ari took!

drank fun drinks

I was so excited about my coconut I don't think I put it down all day!

some of us sang karaoke…

Ari braved the stage first: Hot N' Cold by Katy Perry

By far my favorite pic of the night: Dennis rockin' out some Journey

Ky and I played in the Game of Love–he had to smooch me on stage!

I was SO nervous--look at that face!

We got all fancied up for dinner. You could order whatever you wanted and as much as you wanted. Most of us ordered two appetizers, two entrees and a few desserts. Nothing like feeding a bunch of poor college kids :)

I loved their pretty fruit appetizers--but I loved the warm chocolate melting cake more

we found cute towel animals in our rooms and I seriously considered trying to take them back home with me

an elephant


and a monkey, oh my!

we goofed off in our rooms after dinner (and made some more drinks…it was Spring Break, after all… ;) )

my fav bartender


And finally, on Thursday afternoon, after waiting four days captain Giuseppe got on the intercom to announce…

waiting in line one the first floor to get off...

we made it to the Bahamas!

to be continued… :)

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Pack, Pack, Pack it up

I love organization, but procrastination is also my best friend. So my suitcase has been staring at me from the corner of my room all week.

I’ve got my packing list together (color coordinated! woo hoo for loving colored pens!).

And I guess it is just time to get down to it…




When you go on vacation–what are you  SURE pack? Anyone been on a cruise and have just some general advice?

Happy Thursday!



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On My Way Home

As a long standing rivalry-tradition, today’s Daily Tarheel had to be printed in dook blue after that bad beat last night :( these wounds are healing slowly…

But check out our editorial cartoon this morning…

And the sky is still Carolina blue–there is no place else I’d rather be :)

On a brighter note, I am headed home to Charlotte for the weekend because I need to pick up a suitcase and some other essentials. Because for my spring break, I will be on one of these…

With some of the best friends a girl could ask for!

We are heading to Turks & Caicos and the Bahamas in 24 days (but, hey, who’s counting?!)! So, this getting-healthy attitude has come just in time to slim down for my bikini!

That being said, I have been craving chocolate like nobody’s business this week. After my caffeine freak-out yesterday, I decided to indulge my chocolate taste buds before the I go nuts and eat an entire bar of chocolate…and have another caffeine catastrophe :)

Now, like I said, bikini season is coming up and I need to keep my options healthy. This is where my love for this great blog comes into play. Chocolate-Covered Katie makes tons of great chocolate and other dessert recipes that will satisfy any sweet tooth, and they won’t threaten your waistline. I made her Brownie Batter Dip a few days ago…and it was chocolate bliss. Even Kyle approved!

Now, looking at this you would not think that there are actually chick peas in here, would you?! This brownie batter dip is made of the same bean that makes hummus, but you’d never know it! It is filled with protein, no added sugar, and rich chocolatey goodness. It basically a girl’s best friend. I will say I had to blend this in the Magic Bullet for a VERY long time. I wanted to make sure all of those chick peas were whipped up so I wouldn’t be eating beans with my brownie batter ;) But long blending time aside, this dip is one of my favs!

Ok peeps, have a good rest of your Thursday!

xoxo Kath

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